Khusboo Supported By Supreme Court

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Famous South Indian Actress Kushboo is been now backed by Great Indian Supreme Court. She is facing around 22 criminal cases in various Indian Courts against her. The reason behind all this is that she authorized her pre marital Sex. Which means she accepted that she had sex before marriage and she thinks it is not wrong in any way? This statement was made in 2005 when she was giving an interview to various Magazines and news Channels.

The Supreme Court Bench which is hearing this case under the chief Justice of India K.G. Bala Krishnan wondered that what the problem to people in India is if two adult people are agreed to live together. This is really strange and is violation of freedom. The Chief Justice said it to the Advocate who is been representing the complaints.

The Bench is hearing the petition filed by Khusboo to quash all the cases against her as it is violation of freedom of speech in Human Rights. Court is saying that there is no such law which can prohibit pre marital sex and Live-In Relationship in country. Court has given an example that Lord Krishna and Radha were also living together. The bench consisted of three judges that were listening to it said that it will not counter effect the youths of India as the petition filed earlier reported that it will make a wrong statement in youths and they will row for Pre-Marital Sex and Live-In relationship.

The court has reserved the decision and questioned the case filers that under which section they think Khusboo can be charged? It also asked the the complaint makers that how will this statement from khusboo influences their lives and why they are bothered too much about personal statements like this.

Do you think Live-In relationship and pre marital sexual relations are right or they are affecting the culture of India.

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