Hrithik debuts as singer!

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Hrithik Roshan says, "I was nervous to make my debut as a singer considering I come from a family that is well known in the world of music, but for this very reason my chacha (Rajesh Roshan) and Anurag were most certain that I could sing. I have given this song my best and honest shot, but I still don't consider myself a professional singer."

Director Anurag Basu says, "I first noticed Hrithik's singing talent when we were casually jamming one evening after dinner. After that when I told him to sing for KITES, he wasn't too sure initially but he agreed to give it a try. He is a natural singer and has the talent in his genes; I only did my job by tapping it. Hrithik has a good career ahead as a singer and I feel fortunate that we have a song sung by Hrithik in KITES."

This will also be simultaneously streamed on the official website of KITES and other social networking sites.

KITES has music by Rajesh Roshan and lyrics by Nasir Faraaz. The music (released on T-Series) will be available in stores from March 29th onwards. The music of KITES is also available on SD and USB cards and for download in a digital format (as a single song or entire album).

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